9 Things You Must Do with Your Baby This Holiday Season

The first Christmas with your baby is a special time where you can create lasting holiday memories and traditions that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. While your life might not be filled with gingerbread house making, a little one to help you trim the tree, or the excitement of Santa, there’s plenty of things you can do to create a meaningful moment for your baby’s first Christmas. Read on to check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate the season.

Things To Do With Your Baby This Christmas

  1. Give your baby their first holiday ornament. A special tradition you can build upon every year is to add a new family ornament to your tree. For your baby’s first year, consider getting a keepsake ornament with their name, an ornament with his or her picture on it or an ornament with their footprint or handprint.
  2. Dress your baby up in seasonal attire. A silly and fun way to celebrate the holidays is to dress your baby in a seasonal onesie or holiday pajamas. Sure, they will only wear this outfit for one, or maybe two days, but the lasting memories will be worth it. Be sure to take a ton of pictures!
  3. Write a note to your baby on their first Christmas, then every year after that. A lot goes on during that first year where you can easily forget (hello, mommy brain!). Take some time before the holidays to write a letter to your baby, telling him or her about your family, holiday traditions and what you are excited about. Make this a tradition every year, and who knows, maybe one day your big kid can join in on this tradition. These letters will also be something special for you both to read when your little one isn’t so little anymore.
  4. Take your baby to see holiday lights in your city or town. Your baby might not appreciate the spectacle of the holiday lights during their first year, but this is another one of those traditions you can build upon. Enjoy the magic of the holiday lights with a big mug of hot cocoa.
  5. Have a dance party with your favorite holiday songs. There’s nothing better than dancing or belting out your favorite Christmas songs. Include your baby in this holiday jam session as you sing to your little one.
  6. Take a picture with Santa. A classic holiday moment. Don’t worry if the first picture involves a crying baby in Santa’s lap, it’s all part of making those precious holiday moments.
  7. Go all out for your holiday card. Life with a new baby most likely means you’ve doubled up on your photography. Get in front of the camera for the holidays for a special picture/holiday card. If you really want to get into the spirit, wear matching PJs or get crafty and make your own (if you have older kids)!
  8. Let them help you with the wrapping. Okay, so we know they're way too young to be wrapping presents, but have you ever watched a baby play with wrapping paper? They're face is one of pure joy. Grab the wrapping paper, presents, and sit in front of the fire place while you get to wrapping and your baby enjoys the crinkly sounds of the wrapping paper.

Holiday Traditions

What holiday traditions are you excited to try this year with your baby?

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Serena Norr is a writer/editor and mama to three girls. She charts their adventures on her blog, The Weekend Jaunts. You can also find her on Instagram.

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