It can be difficult to watch your baby suffer through that uncomfortable teething stage. Although some babies may experience very few or even no teething symptoms or discomfort, if your child is feeling irritable or looks to be in pain, read on for our essential tips on how to soothe a teething baby.

1. Give Your Baby Chilled Fruit to Help With Teething Relief

Once you’ve introduced your baby to solid foods, you can help soothe those sore gums with a tasty snack of chilled mashed bananas. To help prevent choking, place the fruit in a mesh feeder, and give that to your baby to lick or suck on. With a mesh feeder, you can also experiment with other types of cooked fruit, such as apples, strawberries, mangoes, or ripe pears.

2. Use a Cold Washcloth to Soothe Sore Gums

Take a clean washcloth and submerge it in water, wring it out until just damp, and then place it in the fridge. Once cool, fold it smaller, and give to your baby to chew on to help relieve those teething baby gums. However, don't leave your child unattended while she's sucking or chewing on the washcloth, as this can be a choking hazard.

3. Cool a Metal Spoon for an Easy Teething Baby Remedy

Cool metal can be soothing, so grab a regular teaspoon from your kitchen drawer, and put it in the fridge. When the spoon is cool, gently rub the back of the spoon against your baby’s gums.

4. Massage Your Baby’s Gums

You can help provide some baby teething relief by carefully massaging those sore, little gums. After washing your hands, sit with your baby, and gently massage the gums in circular motions.



5. Give Your Baby a Chilled, Non-Gel Teething Toy to Chew On

Place your baby’s favorite solid, not liquid or gel-filled, teething toy in the fridge, and allow it to cool before handing to your baby, taking care to keep it clean. Make sure the toy is easy for your baby to hold.

6. Wipe the Drool Away to Prevent Irritation

One of the main signs of teething is drooling. Help protect your baby’s clothes with soft bibs, which you can also use for wiping your baby's chin. Wipe the drool from your baby’s face to make sure you keep it clean and dry. Gently wipe often enough to help prevent any rash or irritation, but not so often that you create additional irritation.

7. Give Your Baby Plenty of Cuddles

Make sure your baby gets lots of hugs. Sometimes, the biggest comfort for a teething baby can be cuddle time with Mom. Pick a comfortable chair, and rock your baby gently. This will provide some quiet time for hugs and comfort, while also giving you both some much-needed rest.

8. Ask Your Child’s Doctor About Medication

If you’re concerned that your baby’s teething discomfort cannot be soothed by any of the above methods, consult your doctor or pediatrician for advice on using medication to help with baby teething symptoms.

Learn about your baby’s teething timeline and pick up some tips on feeding solids in our articles. And, check out the infographic below for a recap of our top teething-relief tips.How to soothe a teething baby

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