Turn Your Baby Carrier into a Costume for Some Halloween Fun!

It’s baby’s first Halloween! Don’t pass up on all of the Halloween fun just because your little one isn’t old enough to walk from door-to-door. Baby carriers aren’t only a great way for us to be close to our little ones, but they make great costumes for Halloween! For those babies that aren’t quite ready to go trick-or-treating on their own, there are some really adorable ways that you can still dress them up while wearing them in the baby carrier.

If you’re looking for inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume, look no further than these parents that have found a way to get creative and dress up both their baby and their baby carrier.

Oscar the Grouch (with mom or dad as the trash can)Oscar-the-Grouch_605x403


Bumble Bee (and the beekeeper)Bumble-Bee_605x403



Sheep (and Little Bo Peep)Sheep_605x403



Spider (attached to the web)Spider_605x403

Bag of Money (held onto by the burglar)Bag-of-Money_605x403


Sesame Street Gang

President of the United States(and Secret Service)President-of-the-US_605x403


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