12 Moments You’ll Want to Write Down During Baby’s First Year

As a new mom, everyday is a learning experience and I’m taking all of these moments in. Each day that I spend with my little girl, I’m learning new things about her and watching her grow and learn right before my very eyes. It seems like everyone (and I mean everyone) who sees me with my newborn baby says, “Time goes by so fast, enjoy every minute of it.”

Baby's First Moments

The first year of one’s life is marked with many milestone firsts that if you don’t make note of, you’re likely to forget. With smartphones, it seems like the number of photos our children will have of their lives is significantly higher than the amount other generations had. With the ability to document these moments at our fingertips, why not take it a step further and make note of those special firsts throughout your baby’s life. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as pulling out the craft supplies and making a baby book, just jotting down the date, time, location, and maybe your feelings when these milestones occurred in a note on your phone will suffice.

Most Memorable Moments

As I take this journey on this first year of parenthood with my precious baby, here are some things I know I’ll want to document so I can remember forever.

  1. Smile - In those first few weeks your newborn can smile, but it’s not on purpose or usually means they are passing gas. Do you remember that first smile they gave you? There’s nothing better than making someone smile.
  2. Laugh - Laughter is the best medicine and remembering that first giggle is something you will always cherish.
  3. Sat up, rolled over, crawled - These are all milestones giving momentum towards taking those first steps. All are exciting developmental milestones and something to be noted.
  4. Ate solid foods - What did your little one eat? Maybe they will look back and it’ll still be one of their favorite foods.
  5. Stayed with a babysitter - Who was the sitter? Grandma and Grandpa? What did mom and dad do? What were the emotions leaving the baby for the first time? A fun memory for all!
  6. Slept through the night - This is a true victory for all! What did you do to celebrate?


  1. First family outing - With a new baby it can feel daunting to get out of the house. Where did you go? How long did you make it out? The more details, the better when you look back on this one.
  2. Said mama and dada - This is probably more exciting for the parent than the baby, but nonetheless a special memory.
  3. First steps - Yay! Where were they? Who was all there? How many steps did they take before falling?
  4. Tooth - Ouch teething can be a real pain, but a first tooth appearance is exciting!
  5. Half birthday - The trend of capturing every month is a great way to see your baby’s progress. It’s crazy how much they grow and develop in a year! Create a special photo opportunity for their half birthday. Why stop there, you can have a mini celebration!
  6. Everything in-between big & small - There is no memory too big or small you can’t decide is worthy of capturing.

Before you know it you’ll have a year full of firsts to reflect on and it’ll be something your child will cherish as they get older and start asking about their first year of life.

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