Moms Share their Best #BabyHacks

As moms, we're always looking for easy tricks to make our day-to-day lives run more smoothly. Thankfully with the rise of Pinterest, we've been able to quickly search for easy DIYs for life's everyday tasks. With just a quick search, you'll find thousands of ideas from clever and crafty parents that are willing to share the love to help make another parent's life just a little bit easier.

#BabyHacks can make our home life more manageable so we can spend less time doing chores and more time with our precious little ones.

6 Baby-Care Hacks

We've reached out to some fellow moms who wanted to share their clever #BabyHacks. I pinky swear these little lifesavers are worth trying. As a mom of two boys, I promise I know!

  • Use Baby Wipe Containers for Storage: “My best friend, Erica, is a teacher who loves baby wipes containers. She uses them both at home and with the little ones she teaches. At home, she uses them to store barrettes, ribbons, and hair ties. At school, they store toys and supplies. Baby wipe containers are great storage for anything small that needs containment.” - Donna, Brooklyn, New York
  • Use a Shoe Divider For Baby Essentials: “A neat trick I learned from my sister-in-law is to use a shoe divider for my baby boy's essentials. I store diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and clean bottles in a hanging shoe divider. This shortcut has been a lifesaver at those 2 am wake-ups when you are groggy and need everything to be in one place.” - Bee, Portland, Oregon
  • Use a Mesh Bag for Keeping Laundry Together: “Get a mesh lingerie bag for washing baby socks/mittens/hats, so they don't get lost in the wash.” - Julie, Brooklyn, New York
  • Use Diapers for Baby Proofing: “To protect my crawling baby from hurting herself, I wrapped clean diapers around any sharp edges. We wrapped them on chairs and tables then covered with cute scarves.” - Andrea, Brooklyn, New York
  • Use Diaper Boxes to Store Outgrown Clothes: “When my babes were little, I would keep the empty Pampers boxes in his closet, and with every size change in clothes, I would toss the old clothes in there, close the box and mark the size/season on the side. Helped me stay clutter free, and organized, and the boxes stacked and moved to storage, thrift shops, and friends when ready.” - Rhonda, Albany, New York
  • Bonus tip from Pampers: Grab the Lumi by Pampers™ connected care system, an HD video monitor and activity sensor work together to automatically track your baby's sleeping and diapering habits. The app also captures your baby's feedings so you can see all of their daily activity at a glance (no more rushed caregiver handover notes – YAY!). Lumi will also notify you via the app as soon as your baby has a wet diaper. Handy!

About Donna Duarte Ladd

A style consultant and editor of Motherburg. She and her artist husband, live in Brooklyn where you can find her on weekends running –literally running – after her two young boys. Follow her adventures on Instagram.


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