These Words Have Taken on an Entire New Meaning Now That I’m a Parent

Last month, my friend and I treated ourselves to an afternoon of self-care by getting our hair blown out. We started laughing that, as moms, the word “blowouts” has an entirely new meaning. What we used to think of as a luxurious hair treatment now terrifies us as parents. Thankfully we were able to enjoy some girl time while getting our hair done without any diaper explosions, but it got us to thinking what other words in our everyday vocabulary now have a new meaning as a mom…


Pre-babies the weekend was a time when the world was our oyster. We could do whatever we pleased – sleep in, brunch, nap, going out with friends – repeat! Weekends now mean waking up at the crack of dawn and entertaining our children for what can feel like eternity.

Bath Time

Bath time used to be synonymous with relaxation. Light a candle, enjoy a glass of wine and dive into a good book. Post-baby bath time means getting your baby clean before they have an accident in the tub, all while getting yourself soaked with bath water in an effort to get them clean.


A Walk

A leisurely walk used to be a way to reconnect with your partner or friend while getting in some exercise and taking in the scenery. As a mom, a walk means ensuring you have everything in your arsenal to be prepared for anything that could happen while you’re on-the-go. Plus, it’s an added bonus once your baby falls asleep on the walk.


A nap used to be a brief period of sleep we used to recharge your battery. Once you enter motherhood a nap is known as a daily struggle for you to get your baby/toddler to sleep, often multiple times a day.


White Noise

Remember when white noise was a static sound you’d hear when the signal was down on your TV or radio? In baby world, white noise comes from a machine that is a saving grace to help your little one sleep.

Late Night Feedings

This used to mean eating something greasy after last call at the bars to soak up the alcohol. Now, late night feedings mean we are cuddled with our little ones at all hours of the night to make sure they’re fed.


When traveling with such a tiny human it’s insane how much stuff they require. The amount of packing, praying for a peaceful flight, adjusting to time differences and a new sleep space make vacations a little less relaxing than they used to be.


Joggers used to qualify as a comfy athleisure pant in our closet worn to run errands. In the motherhood world, this term refers to a jogging stroller.

“I’m so tired”

The phrase “I’m so tired” takes on a whole new meaning now. After not sleeping for days and running on coffee fumes that’s when you’ve earned the ability to say that phrase.

Going to the Pool

Remember when going to the pool soaking up vitamin D in a reclined lounge chair while reading a magazine? Nowadays it means sitting in the shade, constantly applying thick sunscreen on your kids and constantly scanning the pool to ensure their safety.


By definition love means an intense feeling of deep affection. After you have a baby you can’t even believe your heart could love something so much and your definition of love is new.

While there are so many things that take on an entirely new meaning now that I am a mom, I know that these new adventures motherhood is taking me on is the best


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