9 Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

The excitement of finding out you're pregnant — whether it's your first or fifth pregnancy — is hard to conceal. Instead of instantly blurting out the good news, check out these cute, creative, and fun ways of telling your husband or partner you are pregnant. Here are a few of our ideas to help you find a memorable way to tell him he's going to be a dad.

Cute Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

  • Table for three. One of the cute ways to announce your special news is to make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant and ask that the kitchen staff write “Congratulations” in chocolate or fruit puree on your partner's dessert plate. If you've been trying to get pregnant, he might figure out the reason behind the message quickly, but if this baby is a happy surprise, you can play coy until he guesses correctly.
  • Conspiring with the kids. Make a pregnancy announcement shirt by decorating a T-shirt using fabric markers and paints for your older child that says "Big Brother" on the front. Dress him in it and ask him to find his father (or wait until his father gets home). Listen from another room as your partner processes the message and be ready for a huge hug when he finds where you're hiding.
  • The fluffy messenger. You can get creative with a little help from the furry members of your household. Enlist your dog's help by putting a sign round on the collar that says "you're going to be a daddy."

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Husband or Partner

  • Unwrapping the bundle. Get creative with your pregnancy announcement by greeting your partner at the breakfast table with a decorative ribbon tied around your waist and a gift tag attached to it. Ask him to unwrap the present and take the tag, where he will see the words “I'm Pregnant.”
  • Communicate with cupcakes. Bake a few cupcakes and write, “I'm Pregnant” on the top in icing. Casually place them in front of him and just watch his reaction.
  • Tummy talk. Write it on your tummy with a marker. You can keep the announcement simple with “I'm pregnant” or you can apply a bit of humor with “10% loading” or any other baby-related puns. If you want to play with numbers, find out how far along you are with our due date calculator.

Fun Ways to Tell Your Husband or Partner You're Pregnant

  • Happy snap. For a family fun pregnancy announcement, get the whole family together for a lunch or a picnic and ask them to get together for a family snap. When everyone is poised to say “cheese" say “I'm pregnant” as you click the camera. That way you'll have everyone's reaction captured on camera.
  • The bun pun. For a creative way to tell your partner you're pregnant, literally place a bun into the oven. When your partner comes home, tell him there is something sweet in the oven and wait for him to figure it out.
  • Say it with a joke. There's no reason why you can't use a bit of humour to surprise your husband or partner with your pregnancy. Make a funny pregnancy reveal card you can leave in a surprise location or give it directly to your partner. Maybe come up with a cute stick drawing of your future family, looking as if a child had drawn it, or make a joke coupon that says something like, "Free diaper changing classes, redeemable in 8 months." Once you've told your partner, why not make a few fun pregnancy announcement cards for family and friends? If you haven't got time to design your own card from scratch, feel free to download our printable pregnancy announcement templates. You could also try some of these light-hearted ways of announcing your pregnancy to your co-workers when you feel the time is right.

Watch our video and get inspired with more creative ways to announce your pregnancy.

Whichever way you choose to share your happy news, try not to worry too much about props and details — it doesn't have to be picture-perfect. Be prepared for the unexpected: your partner might be a little slow to catch on, or his first reactions might be different from what you had in mind. As with all important, carefully planned moments, glitches are bound to occur, but if they do, remember: this will be a great story in a few years' time.

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