Baby Shower Checklist

Are you the thoughtful and gracious friend or family member who is hosting a baby shower (for a very lucky mom-to-be)? If you are, this baby shower checklist can help you plan a special shower that runs so smoothly that even you, the host, can relax and enjoy it.

The secret to throwing a successful baby shower is to plan ahead. So, once you've read our guide on how to plan a baby shower, just work your way through this baby shower checklist, and you'll be set to host a lovely shower.

For Starters

  • Decide on a budget for the baby shower, which may depend on whether anyone is co-hosting and/or contributing to the costs.
  • Consult the mom-to-be to choose a date. Keep in mind whether that date is good for the most important guests (like close family members and best friends) as well.
  • Compose a guest list in close consultation with the mom-to-be. Make sure you have each guest's full name and address.
  • Start an RSVP list so you can collect the RSVPs as you get them.
  • Pick a baby shower theme, as this could influence many party-planning decisions. If you're stuck for ideas, these suggestions for baby shower themes for girls and boys might get your creative juices flowing!


  • Select a location. You can host a baby shower almost anywhere you want — a restaurant, a tea parlor, a park, the beach, a sports venue, or, of course, your home.
  • Book the venue or make a table reservation (if needed).


  • If there is a baby shower gift registry created by the mom-to-be, it's a good idea to state where it is in the invitation. Ask the mom-to-be for this information before you finalize the invitation, because your guests will be looking for gift ideas. To help the mom-to-be build the perfect registry, you could also suggest she use our handy baby shower registry checklist.


  • Now that you have the guest list, theme, location, and registry taken care of, it's time to design the baby shower invitations. There are lots of options for the invitation, depending on whether you want to go for something classic, quick, or easy:
    • There are many online sites that can help you easily put together an e-invite to send out invitations instantly via email.
    • If you have time, you can even create a mini website, and send guests an email with the link so they can access it. There are lots of free and easy website builders that can help. A personalized website can help set the tone for the event through its design, and it can have information about the location, anything special the guests should bring, and registry details all in one spot.
    • If all of your guests are on Facebook, you can create an event there. It's an easy way to track RSVPs and to post updates about the shower.
    • The most elegant and classic solution is to send paper invitations. You can either create a design one on your laptop and get them professionally printed, or do your own printing, or buy pre-printed invites that you can fill in. Don't forget matching envelopes and special stamps for a nice touch.
  • Send the invitations about four to six weeks in advance of the shower.
  • Follow up the invites with a phone call or message, just in case any of the invitations get lost.

Food and Beverages

  • Select the type of refreshments or meal you'd like to serve. This could be a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or simply a spread of sweets.
  • Plan the menu and organize the food; you may hire a professional caterer, or take care of this yourself. Alternatively, consider asking each guest to bring a dish to share. If any of the guests has a special dietary requirement, remember to factor this in when deciding on food.
  • A baby shower cake is a baby shower staple. Consider the theme of the shower, and then choose cupcakes or a cake in a beautiful, matching design.
  • Don't forget drinks! Consider a range of beverages like coffee, tea, punch, and soda.
  • If the party will be at a home, remember to get some bags of ice so that beverages can be kept cool.


  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Cups
  • Glasses
  • Serving pieces
  • Tablecloth
  • Napkins
  • Depending on the size of your baby shower and where you hold it, you may need to rent (or borrow) items such as tables, chairs, a coffeemaker, etc.


  • Select decorations for walls, tables, and the yard. Decorations could include balloons, candles, lights, streamers, lanterns, pennant banners, cut-out letters spelling “Welcome,” table centerpieces, and more.
  • If you'd like floral decorations but don't want to pick and create your own, order the flowers (you may want to include a corsage for the mom-to-be) and arrange for them to be picked up or delivered on the morning of the shower.
  • Design and print place cards, if you're having them.

Games and Activities

  • Choose which, if any, baby shower games you'll play.
  • Gather all the supplies you'll need for these games — and don't forget the prizes!

Party Favors and Thank You Notes

  • Party favors are a nice touch to say “thank you for coming” to all your baby shower guests. You, as the host, should gift the favor to each guest as they leave. Favor ideas can include a photo frame, a baby-themed soap, or a beautiful candle.
  • If gifts are being opened at the party, work with the mom-to-be to help her keep track of which guest has given which gift. That way, she can write personal notes thanking guests for their presence and gifts.


  • Background music can help set the tone, so decide on what kind of baby shower music you'd like.
  • If you're going to play music from your phone, tablet, or laptop, remember to set up speakers. Or you can book live music if you'd like something more elaborate.


  • The mom-to-be will appreciate having photos and videos of her baby shower, so have one of the hosts or guests assigned to making sure lots of photos are taken.
  • Many of your guests will also take photos on their phones. Ask someone to be in charge of organizing everyone to upload their favorite pictures to a photo-sharing site (some digital invitation services even have a photo sharing option), or to share them on social media.
  • You or someone else might be thinking of putting together a photo book for the mom-to-be, so having all of these images to choose from will be a great help.


  • It's a good idea to have garbage bags and recycling bins readily available, and lots of paper towels on hand for quick cleanups.
  • Have plenty of toilet paper, hand towels, and nice soap for the guest bathroom.


  • Don't forget your baby present for the mom-to-be!

Little Extras

  • Help make the mom-to-be comfortable on the day by having a special chair and pillows for her (especially if she's in the third trimester). Organize her transportation to and from the shower.
  • A memory book is a great keepsake for the mom-to-be. Ask guests to fill it with the best baby advice they ever received, the most important thing they know about babies, or whatever best wishes are in their heart.

Now that you've worked your way through this baby shower checklist, check out this baby shower planning guide for even more baby shower themes, decoration tips, and fun baby shower game ideas, designed to help the host arrange a great baby shower.

The baby shower you'll be hosting is a fantastic way of celebrating the pregnancy and helping to make sure that everything the new baby needs is ready in time for the big day. But the gifts don't have to stop coming when it's over. If the mom-to-be downloads the Pampers Club app, she’ll be able to get rewards for her purchases of diapers and wipes, such as gifts, cash back, and coupons.


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