Baby Shower Ideas

Have you been tasked with creating a cake for a baby shower? Or perhaps you’re even hosting the shower and you’re trying to settle on a theme. Think about what the mom-to-be would like best, and then check out our list of 27 baby shower cake ideas. You’ll find that settling on a design or a decoration will be a piece of cake!

27 Baby Shower Cakes

  1. Pink-and-blue cake. The perfect cake for parents who are waiting to find out their baby’s gender. The cake can be decorated with pink and blue sprinkles or frosting. Or, it can be topped with cupcakes, some in pink and others in blue. If the event will be a gender reveal baby shower, then you can ask the mom-to-be if she’s OK with you putting either pink or blue cream in the middle of the cake so that the gender will be revealed when she cuts the and blue baby shower cake
  2. Teddy bear cake. Here’s an adorable cake that can work for either boys or girls. A little teddy made out of fondant sits atop the cake with a pacifier in its mouth. The teddy bear theme can also be extended to create the baby shower invitations and decorations, and you can even place a plush teddy on top of the diaper cake, if you’re having one.Teddy bear baby shower cake
  3. Baby booties cake. What’s more symbolic of a baby being on the way than a pair of cute little booties? This cake is topped with fondant booties in a pale blue. But the idea works well in pink, or any other color to match the baby shower’s color theme. Try yellow if it’s a gender neutral event.booties baby shower cake
  4. Sneaker retro or the latest trend on the streets.sneaker bear baby shower cake
  5. Gender reveal cake. This simple cake features a “he or she?” sign along with a pink bow and a blue bow tie. This could be a clever way to reveal the gender of the baby at the baby shower, as the inside of the cake can be either pink or blue. (Just remember to ask the mom first if she’s OK with this idea.)Gender reveal baby shower cake
  6. Blue skies and clouds cake. Take the term baby shower literally and serve a cake decorated with clouds that are ready to rain down gifts on the new little one. The cake also features an airplane, kites, and even an oversized pinwheel. You could even attach a helium balloon for something even more fun!Blue skies and clouds baby shower cake
  7. Gender reveal hearts cake. This gender reveal cake can actually be very easy to decorate yourself with fondant heart cutouts that can be pushed onto paper lollipop sticks that top the cake, which is decorated with wavy fondant shapes. Add edible glitter for even more pop.Gender reveal hearts baby shower cake
  8. Cake pop balloon cake. It seems like the cake pop trend is here to stay, which is great because they are yummy. This cake is decorated with cake pops dipped into different colors of candy melts that make them look like celebratory balloons. Anyone would love this colorful look, which also works well for a gender neutral baby shower.Cake pop balloon baby shower cake
  9. Baby bottom cake. Bunny bottom cakes and cupcakes were a trend for the longest time, so why not cute baby bottoms? This cake can work well in either pink or blue, or any color you’d like to match or coordinate with the baby shower’s theme.Baby bottom baby shower cake
  10. Nautical sailboat cake. Here’s a cute cake for a new little sailor. This cake is topped with a fondant boat made to look like an origami sailboat. It’s also decorated with stars and seashells, making it a great choice for a family who has ties to the sea.Nautical sailboat baby shower cake
  11. Rattle cupcakes. For something a bit more casual, why not serve cupcakes instead of a big cake? These cupcakes are decorated with little rattles, booties, and bibs. It’s a simple yet really cute way to decorate the baby shower sweets.Rattle baby shower cake
  12. Jungle giraffe cake. For something a bit over the top and fabulous, check out this tall giraffe cake. Or go for a cake that's decorated with another popular jungle animal—a lion, tiger, gorilla, or even an elephant. It’s easy to pair this cake with an entire jungle-themed baby shower.Jungle giraffe baby shower cake
  13. Swan cake. Here’s something elegant to welcome a little girl—a beautiful swan cake. Pretty piped roses in hues of white, pink, and peach complete the look. And the swan itself is an iced cookie stuck upright in the cake.swan baby shower cake
  14. Stork cake. What could be more perfect than a baby shower cake decorated with a stork that is bringing the new addition to the family? This could be a fun theme for a second baby shower.stork baby shower cake
  15. Rubber ducky cupcakes. A cute reminder of the bath times to come with a new baby on the way, these cupcakes are topped with tiny ducklings. You don’t even have to go crazy decorating with fondant or marzipan; just buy yourself a bunch of mini rubber duckies, clean them thoroughly, and place them on the frosted cupcakes.celestial baby shower cake
  16. Celestial cake. Clouds and stars decorate this simple cake. After all, what new mom doesn’t think of her little one as a bright new star? This cake works especially well for an “a star is born” or a “twinkle, twinkle little star” themed shower. This theme can easily be carried into the decorations, and works well for both baby boys and girls.celestial baby shower cake
  17. Baby buggy cake. For something really traditional, go with this tiered cake that's topped with a gilded baby buggy. The topper doesn’t even have to be edible if you find a decoration that complements the baby shower theme. We also love the edible gold and the floral arrangementbaby buggy cake.
  18. Playful kittens cake. If the mom-to-be is a cat-lover she will go bonkers for this cute cake with three little kittens having a field day with balls of yarn.playful kittens baby shower cake
  19. Owl cake. This entire cake is decorated to look like a smart owl. It’s topped with an “it’s a girl” sign, but this cake can easily function for a boy or even a gender neutral baby shower. For example, you could say “hoot, hoot, baby’s coming!”owl baby shower cake
  20. Little angel cake. Every mom-to-be thinks of her baby as a little angel, which makes this angel cake all the more special. Topped with a large cookie decorated like an angel as well as star-shaped cookies, the cake is simple yet very sweet.little angel baby shower cake
  21. Bumblebee cake. Not only does this cake combine two trends (being both a naked cake and a drip cake), but it’s covered with little fondant bumblebees. This is a great cake for a summer baby shower, as well as a “what will it bee?” themed gender reveal baby shower.bumblebee baby shower cake
  22. Unicorn cake. The unicorn theme never seems to get old. And it doesn’t have to be an over-the-top unicorn either. This cake’s topper is elegant without being corny.unicorn baby shower cake
  23. Sunflower cake. Sunflowers make the perfect cake decoration for a summer baby shower, and this cake is decorated with real sunflowers. We love the slice of wood as the base, too.sunflower baby shower cake
  24. Rocking horse cake. A cute little girl rides her pony rocking horse as the cake topper in this baby shower cake. The topper is made from marzipan, which is easy to mold into any shape you like. This could be a great project for someone artistically inclined.rocking horse baby shower cake
  25. High chair cake. An adorable high chair with a little baby tops this cake. It’s also decorated with fun little animals. You may be able to find decorations like these made from marzipan at your local party supply store or from a cake designer, which can be convenient if it’s a DIY cake project but you don’t want to make all the little figures yourself.high-chair baby shower cake
  26. Farm animals cake. Nothing says “newborn baby” like a cake covered in baby farm animals. Here the look is completed with a carousel topper as if the animals were going round and round the animals baby shower cake
  27. Elephant cake. Elephants are a baby shower classic. A cute gray elephant wearing a top hat tops this cake with blue-and-white roses. You can use or easily adapt this design for a girl's shower or even for a gender neutral baby shower.elephant baby shower cake

Choosing a design or style of cake for a baby shower can be really fun, and as you can tell, the options are nearly limitless. Whether you choose to use a local bakery, hire a trendy cake decorator, or create it yourself or with friends, you can easily dream up a cool look and design and put it into frosting and fondant. The mother-to-be will be delighted by any of the cakes on this list, or by whatever your imagination creates.

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