Baby showers are a great chance to give something that’s both thoughtful and useful, and a present that follows the theme of the baby shower and is also made of diapers checks both boxes.

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower, and you’re searching for the perfect gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a motorcycle diaper cake. While making one of these might sound tricky, don’t worry: This motorcycle diaper cake tutorial will guide you through the steps with ease.

  1. Gather What You’ll Need for a Motorcycle Diaper Cake
  • 72 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (size 1 or 2)
  • 1 8" cake pan
  • 1 empty paper towel tube
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 bibs
  • 1 baby bottle
  • Rubber bands
  • Decorative bows (or you can tie ribbon into small bows as well)
  • 1 pair of baby mittens or socks
  • Approximately 2 yards of 1.5" wide ribbon
  • Approximately 2 yards of 0.5" wide ribbon to layer on top (optional)
  1. Make the Wheels for the Motorcycle Diaper CakeMake the Wheels for the Motorcycle Diaper Cake
  • Place 24 diapers into the 8" cake pan by fanning them against the edge of the pan. Adjust the diaper edges to create an evenly-spaced spiral.
  • Place the paper towel tube in the spiral’s core as a place holder. Then place a rubber band around the spiral to secure it.
  • Remove the spiral from the pan and set aside. Then repeat this process two more times to make three wheels in total; however, don’t add the tube to the center of the last two spirals.
  1. Assemble the WheelsAssemble the Wheels
  • Wrap a piece of ribbon around each wheel to cover the rubber band. Secure the ends of the ribbon to each other with a dot of hot glue, making sure to only get glue on the ribbon, not the diapers.
  • Thread the paper towel tube through the center hole of one of the other wheels. The tube should now connect two wheels, and these will be your back wheels.
  • Push the two wheels to the ends of the roll, so the outer edges of the roll are hidden inside the wheel.
  • Place your third (front) wheel in the space between the back wheels.
  1. Tie the Wheels TogetherTie the Wheels Together
  • Take a receiving blanket and fold it in half diagonally, then roll it into a tube shape.
  • Thread it through the paper towel roll, then thread an end through the front wheel so all three wheels are connected.
  • Tie the blanket ends together with a rubber band.
  • Hide the rubber band by sliding the blanket around slowly so the knot ends up inside the paper towel tube.
  • Hide the exposed paper towel roll by covering it with ribbon.
  1. Make the SeatMake the Seat
  • Roll a single diaper into a roll. Wrap four more diapers around this one and secure the roll with a rubber band. Cover the rubber band with ribbon.
  • Place the roll between the two back wheels, with the ribbon oriented vertically to make the motorcycle seat.
  • Take a bib, and place it over the seat.
  1. Add the Front Fender and HeadlightAdd the Front Fender and Headlight
  • Place a second bib on top of the front wheel to make the front fender.
  • Place a bottle on top with the cap/nipple facing backward. This will be the headlight.
  1. Create the HandlebarsAdd the Front Fender and Headlight
  • Take the second receiving blanket and fold it in half diagonally. From the pointy end, roll it into a tube shape.
  • Place rubber bands on the ends and the middle to keep the tube from unrolling.
  • Thread this receiving blanket through the hole of the front wheel until you have an equal amount of blanket sticking out on either side.
  • Pull the ends upward, and secure them over the top of the bottle with a rubber band.
  • Position the blanket ends at a 45 degree angle to resemble handlebars. Cover the visible rubber band with a bow.
  • Place mittens on the ends of the receiving blanket to make the handgrips.
  1. Add the Finishing TouchesAdd the Finishing Touches
  • Place a stuffed animal on top.
  • If you’d like, use double sided tape to secure the stuffed animal’s hands to the handlebars.
  • You can also fill the paper towel holes with more baby socks and mittens.

And there you have it! One super-cool motorcycle diaper cake that’s ready to ride off to that baby shower. You can also consider making a train-themed diaper cake if you prefer, or if the shower theme calls for it.

If you’re helping to organize the baby shower, then check out these baby shower game ideas, as they could inspire you to make the party even more special for the mom-to-be.

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