Popular Baby Names in Mexico for Boys and Girls

f you’re considering a traditional Hispanic name for your baby, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the most popular baby names in Mexico.

Read on for a compilation of the top Mexican boy names and top Mexican girl names, along with their meanings.

Some of the names are classics; some are more unusual or unique. You might be inspired to combine some of the names if you’re looking for a long Mexican name that stands out.

Popular Boy Names in Mexico

  1. Juan: This simple name is a strong and traditional one that means “gracious” or “merciful.” It’s a form of the English name John. 2. Luis: This Spanish name comes from the name Louis, which is rooted in French royal history, and means “famous warrior.” 3. José: Linked back to the name Joseph, this name has popular variations in several European languages, too. It means “may God add to.” 4. Francisco: This name means “free” or “free man.” It’s rooted in the name Francis, which means “Frenchman.” 5. Antonio: This Spanish and Italian name has been incorrectly linked to a Greek word meaning “flower.” It is, however, notable for being the namesake of a first century B.C. ruler of the Roman Empire, Marcus Antonius. 6. Jesús: Coming from Greek origins, this traditional Hispanic name means “to save” or “salvation.” 7. Miguel: The Spanish version of the biblical name Michael, it means “who is like God.” 8. Ángel: Derived from the Greek word meaning “messenger,” this popular Mexican name refers to the heavenly beings from the Bible. 9. Pedro: This solid name means “rock” or “stone.” It’s the Spanish and Portuguese form of Peter, and is derived from Greek. 10. Alejandro: This Hispanic version of the name Alexander is a classic that means “defending men.” 11. Manuel: A shortened but impactful version of the name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” 12. Carlos: Meaning “strong and manly,” this name is the Spanish form of the name Charles. 13. Roberto: The Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese form of Robert, this masculine name means “bright” or “famous.” 14. Fernando: A form of the name Ferdinand, this lyrical Hispanic name means “adventurer” or “brave voyager.” 15. Daniel: Originally from Hebrew, this name means “God is my judge.” It’s a powerful and traditional name that’s not only a popular Mexican boy name, but a popular name in many other places and cultures. 16. Jorge: The Spanish and Portuguese form of the English name George, this sturdy name means “farmer.” 17. Ricardo: Meaning “strong ruler,” this powerful name is the Spanish version of Richard. 18. Eduardo: This bold name means “prosperous guardian,” and it’s the Spanish and Portuguese version of the English name Edward. 19. Javier: This name, loaded with charisma, means “bright” and “splendid.” It originates from a Basque place name, Etxeberria, that means “new house.” 20. Rafael: A form of Raphael, which is a name that can be found in several different languages, this cool Mexican version means “God has healed” or “God heals.” 21. Martín: This simple and bold name means “warring,” and partly derives from the name of the Roman god Mars. 22. Raúl: This wild name means “wolf counsel.” It’s a form of the English name Ralph. 23. David: With roots in the Hebrew language, this strong and traditional name means “beloved.” 24. Arturo: The meaning of this popular Hispanic name, which comes from the name Arthur, is under debate. It is possibly derived from the combination of two Celtic words meaning “bear” and “king.” 25. Marco: This bold name means “warring” and is a form of the Latin name Marcus. 26. Enrique: This strong name means “ruler of an estate” and is the Spanish form of Henry. 27. Gerardo: Meaning “rules by the spear,” this name is the Spanish version of Gerard. 28. Mario: This Hispanic name may be derived from the name of the Roman god of war. It means “warring.” 29. Alfredo: The Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian form of Alfred, this energetic name is derived from Old English, coming from two words that mean “elf” and “counsel.” 30. Sergio: From Spain and Italy, this historic name is thought to mean “servant.” 31. Armando: The Spanish form of Herman, this strong name means “army man.” 32. Santiago: Derived from the Spanish words for “saint” and “James,” this name may also come from a word meaning “supplanter.” 33. Salvador: From the Late Latin name meaning “savior,” this name is a classic boy name in Mexico. 34. Víctor: Meaning “conqueror” and, directly, “victor,” this bold name is commonly shortened to Vic in Mexico. 35. Gabriel: This name is traditional in several major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It means “God is my strength.” 36. Andrés: A form of the English name Andrew, this name means “masculine” or “manly.” 37. Óscar: Possibly derived from Gaelic words meaning “deer” and “friend,” this name is a classic. 38. Guillermo: This powerful name means “resolute protector,” and is the Spanish form of William. 39. Ramón: Coming from the name Raymond, this historical name is derived from words meaning “advice” and “protector” or “wise protector.” 40. Pablo: The Spanish form of the name Paul, this traditional name means “little one” or “humble.” 41. Rubén: The Spanish form of the name Reuben, this name means “behold, a son” in Hebrew. 42. Felipe: For the animal lover, this name means “loves horses,” and comes from the English name Philip. 43. Jaime: Meaning “supplanter,” this name is the Spanish and Portuguese form of James. 44. Julio: This playful name is derived from Julius and means “youth.” 45. César: This powerful name is a variant of Caesar. It is thought to mean “hairy” or “long-haired.” 46. Diego: This popular Mexican baby name could be a shortened version of Santiago, which means “supplanter.” 47. Gustavo: The Spanish and Portuguese form of Gustav, this historical name means “royal staff.” 48. Agustín: Meaning “exalted” and “venerable,” this royal and powerful name comes from the name Augustus. 49. Esteban: The Hispanic form of Stephen, this popular boy name means “crown” or “wreath.” 50. Santos: Meaning “saint,” this traditional Hispanic name could be perfect for your little angel.


Popular Mexican Girl Names in Mexico

  1. María: Strangely, this beautiful and traditional name is thought to mean “bitter,” but that's debated. Some think it might mean “wished for child” or “rebellion,” among other meanings. It is the Latin form of the English name Mary. 52. Guadalupe: Meaning “named for the Virgin Mary,” this classic Hispanic name is serious and inspiring. 53. Juana: The Spanish form of Joanna and the feminine version of Juan, this name means “gracious” or “God's gift.” 54. Margarita: Coming from the name Margaret, the Spanish meaning of this name is “daisy flower” and, in Latin, it means “pearl.” 55. Josefina: The feminine form of Joseph, this melodic name means “He will add” or “God will multiply.” 56. Verónica: From the Latin name Berenice, the spelling of this name evolved to what it is today and means “true image.” 57. Elena: Meaning “shining light,” this beautiful and powerful name is a form of the name Helen. 58. Leticia: A sweet name meaning “happy,” this name originates from Latin. 59. Rosa: A soft-sounding name, it means “rose” and is just as classic as the fragrant flower. It originates from a Germanic name. 60. Francisca: The Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of Franciscus, this confident name means “free” or “from France.” 61. Teresa: This warm and inviting name is a form of Theresa, which is found in several languages. The meaning may be “summer” from the Greek language, or “to harvest.” Some also think it means “Saint's name.” 62. Alicia: A Latin form of Alice, this playful name might have origins in a Germanic name meaning “noble” or a Greek name meaning “truth.” 63. Fernanda: This bright name is a Spanish feminine form of Ferdinand. It loosely means “adventurous,” coming from a Germanic name meaning “journey” and “brave” or “daring.” 64. Alejandra: The Spanish form of Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind,” this beautiful and powerful name has roots in Greek mythology. 65. Martha: From Aramaic, this name means “the lady” or the feminine form of “the master.” 66. Yolanda: Meaning “violet,” this inspiring name is from the medieval French name Yolande. 67. Patricia: This is the feminine form of the Latin name Patricius, which means “noble one.” This noble name can be shortened to the friendly Paty, with Hispanic spelling, or Pat. 68. Elisa: This name has a sweet ring to it! It means “devoted to God” and is the shortened form of Elisabeth. It's rooted in the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva. 69. Gloria: From the Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, Maria da Gloria, this evocative name means “glory.” 70. Gabriela: Derived from the masculine name Gabriel, this name has roots in Hebrew. It means “God is my strength.” 71. Silvia: With Latin origins, this elegant name means “wood” or “forest.” A name that stands the test of time, it is the feminine form of Silvius. 72. Ana: This graceful name is a form of Anna. Used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament, this name means “favor” or “grace.” 73. Luisa: The feminine version of Luis, this traditional name is quite powerful. It means “renowned warrior” and is the Spanish, feminine form of Louis. 74. Antonia: The feminine form of Antonius, this name has Etruscan origins. It is thought to mean “priceless” or “flourishing.” 75. Araceli: This unique Hispanic baby name means “altar of heaven” or “altar of the sky” and has roots in Latin. 76. Andrea: The feminine version of Andrew, it's a popular Hispanic girl name that means “womanly” or “courageous.” 77. Isabel: A medieval Occitan version of Elizabeth, this name imparts a sense of prestige and confidence. It means “my God is an oath” or “devoted to God.” 78. Irma: From a German word that means “whole” or “universe,” this name is related to the English name Emma. 79. Carmen: The medieval Spanish form of the name Carmel, which means “garden,” this intriguing name comes from the Latin word for “song.” 80. Lucía: The meaning of this name is derived from the Latin word for “light.” This enchanting name is the feminine form of Lucius. 81. Adriana: The meaning of this evocative name is “dark.” The name is the feminine form of Adrian, which six popes and several saints were named. 82. Lupe: A short form of the classic Mexican girl name Guadalupe, it comes from the Latin word meaning “wolf.” 83. Luna: This whimsical name means “moon” and is derived from Latin. 84. Miranda: This striking name is derived from the Latin word mirandus, which means “extraordinary” or “to be admired.” 85. Angelina: This heavenly Hispanic name means “angel” and is the feminine form of the Latin name Angelus. 86. Bianca: A derivative of the French name Blanche, this bright name means “white” or “fair.” 87. Malena: A short form of Magdalena, this lyrical and beautiful Hispanic name is reminiscent of Mary Magdalene in the Bible. 88. Carolina: The feminine form of the name Carolus, it might come from a Germanic word meaning “man.” 89. Aida: This graceful and simple name means “help.” It might also be related to the Arabic word meaning “visitor” or “returning.” 90. Olivia: This lively and playful name could directly come from the Latin word that means “olive.” 91. Lola: A shortened form of Dolores, this bold and feminine name means “sorrow,” but your little one will no doubt turn any sorrow into joy! This name is also said to mean “strong.” 92. Paloma: From the Spanish word meaning “dove,” this elegant name evokes a sense of strength. 93. Vanessa: Meaning “butterfly,” this name sounds just as beautiful as a butterfly. It is said to have been invented by the author Jonathan Swift. 94. Adela: Coming from a German word meaning “noble,” this graceful name certainly evokes a sense of power and strength. 95. Alexa: The shortened form of Alexandra, this powerful and popular name has Greek roots. It means “defender of mankind” and “help.” 96. Aracely: A different spelling of the name Araceli, this striking and unique Hispanic name means “altar of the sky.” The meaning comes from a combination of the Greek words ara and coeli. 97. Bárbara: Derived from the Greek word meaning “foreign,” this classic and solid Hispanic name has stood the test of time. 98. Candela: A shortened form of Candelaria, this name comes from the Spanish word that means “candle.” Bright, shining, and clear, this name can be shortened further to Candie. 99. Jacinta: The Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Hyacinthus, this name means “hyacinth,” after the beautiful flower. 100. Sara: This simple and sweet Hispanic girl name comes from Hebrew and means “lady” or “princess.”

We hope you’ve found the perfect Hispanic name for your baby boy or your baby girl on our list. But if you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out the extensive list of names in our Baby Name Generator.

You can use the Baby Name Generator to search for names by first letter, name origin, gender, or even look for names inspired by themes like nature, royalty, or mythology.

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Whether you’ve got a shortlist you’re trying to whittle down, or you’re completely overwhelmed by choice, throwing a baby naming party can be another great way to choose the perfect baby name

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