Top 10 Baby Names Inspired by Past Presidents

There are so many baby name options out there. You can opt to go a traditional route and name your child after a family member or friend, or use a name you simply like, or name your baby after someone in history like a former President. While you can always opt to use one of the more obvious President’s names, there are also tons of lesser known first, middle and last names, and even names of past First Lady’s, children, and pets to consider. Read on to check out a list of some obscure yet interesting baby names taken from history.

Presidential Names for Babies We Love

  1. Chester Arthur: Often dubbed as the “Most Forgotten President,” Chester Arthur was actually the 21 second US President from 1881--1885. His first or last name would also make for a great option for a baby boy.
  2. John Tyler: Another lesser known President, his first or last name would also be a good option for a first or middle name.
  3. Ulysses Grant: While Ulysses Grant’s name is fairly recognizable, his real first name, Hiram, is rarely mentioned. This could be an interesting boys’ name as you honor this President by using his birth name.
  4. Millard Fillmore: President from 1850-1853 in the Whig party, Millard could make for an interesting first name that isn’t used commonly used.
  5. Louisa Catherine Johnson: As for girls’ names, you might want to consider the classic, Louisa, More Names After Presidents
  1. Lucretia Rudolph: For a more obscure and uncommon girls’ name, consider Lucretia, who was the wife of James Abram Garfield.
  2. Edith Kermit Carow: While Teddy Roosevelt’s name continues to live strong in history, little is said of his wife, Edith, which could make for a classic first name, or her middle name, Kermit for something out-of-the-box.
  3. Warren Harding: Sure you can pick Warren’s first name as an option for your child, or opt for his middle name, Gamaliel, which is a name that’s unheard of these days.
  4. Tazewell Tyler : President John Taylor had a son named Tazewell who married a women named Nannie Bridges, which are both interesting baby names.
  5. Sardis Birchard Austin Hayes : The son of Rutherford B. Hayes, Sardis, Birchard, or Austin are fun naming options for a baby.
  6. Presidential Pet names: Throughout history, Presidents have had a love of animals, which could even make for a baby name, like Peter Pan (Calvin Coolidge’s dog), Tom Kitten (JFK’s cat), Grits (Jimmy Carter’s dog), or Liberty (Gerald Ford’s dog), to name a few options.

While the options are literally endless when it comes to baby names, a lesser known President’s name is another option to consider. We hope that this list helps you to find inspiration from some of the most obscure names in our history.

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