Unisex Names: A Popular Gender-Neutral Option for Naming Your Baby

If you’re still searching for the perfect name to give your baby, have you considered a unisex name? Some of these gender-neutral names are quite popular, whereas others you might not have ever heard of before.


You might be looking for a unisex name if you want your baby’s name choice to work for either gender. Alternatively, you might want a baby name that doesn’t automatically reveal your little one’s gender. Or maybe you and your partner are progressive and like the idea of a modern, nonbinary name.

No matter what brings you here, we hope you find the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl! Read on for our alphabetical list of 36 of the best options for unisex names and their meanings.


Gender-Neutral Baby Names

  1. It was originally a surname derived from towns in England. The name is a combination of the two Old English words anne (meaning alone or solitary) or ansetl (meaning hermitage) and leah (meaning woodland or clearing). This type of image evokes an independent spirit.
  2. This name has Greek origins and means helper or defender. It has been the name of a Greek comic poet and many saints as well as five Byzantine emperors in the form of Alexius. With a basis in mythology and royalty, it's a pretty powerful name.
  3. Derived from the masculine Latin name Angelus and the Greek Angelos, both of which mean messenger, the name is now sometimes used as a girls' name in English-speaking countries. But it's a popular boy's name in Spanish-speaking countries. Consider naming your cute little angel Angel.
  4. Originally an English surname taken from a place name, it's Celtic in origin and means high. It also has a bit of a classy ring to it.
  5. In Hebrew, this name means lion of God. In the Bible's Old Testament, it's used as an alternative name for Jerusalem. It became popular as an English female name in the 1980s. Either way, the name sounds pretty as well as powerful. Get more biblical names here.
  6. Originally an English surname, Ashley derives from a place name that means ash tree clearing. It's a combination of the Old English words aesc and leah. Until about the 1960s, this name was mainly given to boys, but it's now also commonly given to girls. This is a good, classic choice for your little one's name.
  7. This modern name is the Norman French version of the German name Alberich. It was common as an English boy's name during the Middle Ages, and it came back in style in the nineteenth century. It became a common girls' name in the 1970s due to its similarity to Audrey. If you're having twins, you could go with Aubrey and Audrey.
  8. This name is Norman French in origin and based on the names Alberich and Alfred, which mean elf power and elf counsel, respectively. You don't have to be a fan of legends to choose this unisex name.
  9. This modern-sounding name comes from a Middle English surname meaning Breton — in other words, someone from Brittany, France. This unisex name also appears in literature. If you like the idea of names based in literature, check out these options.
  10. Welsh in origin, this name means hill or mound. It was originally just a boy's name but is now given to girls. The name is short, unique, and easy to pronounce.
  11. This name is based on the Gaelic words cam and sron meaning crooked nose. Although your little one's nose will of course be as cute as a button, you can still choose this modern name if you like the sound of it.
  12. This name comes from the Irish surname O Ciardha, which means descendant of Ciardha. Although the meaning isn't very interesting, the name sounds equally good for a boy or a girl.
  13. This is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Cathasach, which means vigilant in Irish. If you think Casey has a cool ring to it, this might be the name for your little one. And you can easily pair Casey with Carey if you're having twins.
  14. This gender-neutral name derives from an Irish surname that means descendant of Caiside. It was also the name of a fictional cowboy, evoking images of the Wild West.
  15. This name comes from the Dakota word shahiyena, which means red speakers, and is the name of an American Indian people of the Western Plains. It's been used as a given name since the 1950s.
  16. Originally an aristocratic English surname, Courtney has origins in the French language as the name Curtenus, or the Latin language as the word curtus, or the Norman language in which it means short nose. It became popular as a girls' name in the 1970s.
  17. The Dakota people are from the northern Mississippi River valley, and in the Dakota language, this name means allies or friends.
  18. This name derives from an English surname. It was first used as a boys' name in the seventeenth century, before it became popular as a girls' name. In 2018, it was the 10th most popular girls' name.
  19. This is the English form of Fionnlagh, which means white warrior in Gaelic. Some people shorten this name to Fin, Finn, or Finny. It's great option for your little warrior.
  20. The origin of this name is unknown, but linguistically it refers to speakers of the Gaelic language. It's possibly a variant of Gwenael, which means blessed and generous. The name can be pronounced like Gail, or in the French or Spanish way as Ga-ehl.
  21. This name is from an English surname that means hay valley in Old English. The meaning is pretty plain, but the name itself has a nice modern ring to it.
  22. This was originally an occupation-based surname for a hunter, based on the Old English word hunta. It works quite well even in modern times whether hunting is something your family is into or not!
  23. This unisex name originates from a Lowland Scot diminutive for James, and since the nineteenth century this cute name has also been used for girls.
  24. A Hebrew name, Jordan means descend or flow down. It's the name for the river that flows through the nations of Israel and Jordan. The name was revived in the 19th century and became even more popular in the twentieth century. You don't have to be religious — or even a basketball fan! — in order to choose this name.
  25. Nowadays this name is sometimes used as a short form of Kimberly, but in fact the name Kim predates the use of Kim as a cute nickname. Kim can also sometimes be used as the short form for Kimball. Check out this list if you want more old-fashioned names.
  26. This comes from a Scottish surname that was derived from a district in Scotland called Leamhnachd, which means place of elms in Gaelic. Lovers of nature will appreciate this name.
  27. In Gaelic, this name means garden of holly. Originally, the name was used for a place in Scotland before being used as a surname and then being popularized as a given name in the nineteenth century. What a pretty name with a pretty meaning!
  28. In Old English, this name means Lincoln island. The name was originally for a region, and it's been used as a surname in both England and Scotland before being popularized as a boys' name in the 1960s and a girls' name in the 1970s.
  29. The name comes from an English surname that means son of Maud. The modern name is popular today. It also works paired with many other names, like Addison, in case you're having twins. Check out this article for more twin name ideas.
  30. The name comes from the Old Welsh masculine name of Morcant, which translates to sea (more) circle (cant). It became a popular girls' name as well in the 1980s. This name would work well for a couple who loves the water, and wants to pass that appreciation on to their child.
  31. This name comes from the Anglicized Irish surname of O Ruadhain, which means descendant of Ruadhan. It's also the name of a tree. If you like the idea of names based on nature, check out these options.
  32. A variant of the English surname Selby, which was based on a place, it means willow farm in Old Norse. Shelby is also the name of a famous car designer and some of his creations.
  33. This name was originally an English surname that was derived from a place, which means wide island in Old English. There are many towns and cities with this name, but why not use it for your child?
  34. This unique-sounding name is a variant of the Dutch surname Schuyler, which means scholar. If you come from a family of scholars, you might like to pass on that legacy to the new generation with this name.
  35. Originally an English surname for someone who was a tailor, in Latin it means to cut. It's quite a common unisex name these days. There are plenty of celebrities with this name, so it might be a good choice for your little star.
  36. The name means white island in Old English. Although it was originally a masculine name, it became popular as a girls' name in the 1960s and 1980s. And, if you like, you can nickname your child Whit, which sounds rather cool.

You may have discovered the perfect unisex baby name on this list. However, if you haven't found inspiration here, our Baby Name Generator has a comprehensive list of names. Search names by first letter, origin, gender, or even names inspired by nature, royalty, mythology, and more.

Having a baby naming party can also be another great way to find just the right baby name.

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