When Is the Best Time to Start a Baby Registry?

Pregnancy is full of exciting preparations, such as shopping and planning for your baby-to-be! But knowing exactly what you and your baby will need, keeping track of all the gear, and having a baby registry set up in time can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together some guidance on when you should start creating your baby registry, what baby gear to consider adding to it, and have included a few helpful tips from seasoned moms who’ve gone through it all!

When to Start a Baby Registry for a First Time Mom

You’re expecting your first baby, and we know you’ve got plenty of questions about what you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and how you could possibly get it all done in time.

Don’t worry! Putting together a baby registry can seem daunting, but once you start you’ll have a better understanding on how to pace yourself and what to include when you finally begin the process—which may be as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy, or a little later.

It felt so daunting to even think about everything we’ll need for our baby boy. But once I started separating out the baby products by type and using a checklist it became easier to plan out what I’ll need!

Delilah, new mom from Arkansas

Although you can start your baby registry at any time, many expectant moms begin reviewing baby care products fairly early in their pregnancy. Most online registries even allow you to work on your baby registry in private mode until you’re ready to share the amazing news!

This can help take the anxiety out of planning, allowing you to focus on what’s best for you and your growing family instead of rushing to have your registry completed in time for your baby shower.

From diapering needs and bath time essentials to rockers and bottles, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you’ll need. Try using a baby registry checklist to help you along the way as you build your registry!

When to Start a Baby Registry for Twins

If you’re expecting twins, you may assume that you’ll need double of everything—which is a lot of baby gear! Fortunately, it’s not as much as you think, and with the right products you may not actually need to get everything times two!

You may want to consider starting your twin baby registry toward the end of your first trimester or the beginning of the second trimester. This will give you plenty of time to sort through the essentials that need to be doubled up on, and those for which just one product will do.

When I found out I was having a baby boy and girl, at the same time, I couldn’t be happier! Then it hit me: how much stuff will I actually need? Luckily, my husband and I planned it out perfectly, looked through reviews, and gave ourselves plenty of time to get our registry just right.

Josephine, mom of twins from Connecticut

Of course you’ll need to double up on baby gear like car seats and cribs, but there are a number of baby items, such as bibs and receiving blankets, that come in multipack gift sets, often featuring a variety of colors or patterns. Adding even one of the sets to your registry will mean you’ll have plenty on hand when your twins arrive.

Plus, you’ll need only single quantities of things like baby bottle sterilizers, strollers (as long as it’s a double stroller), and a breast pump if you’re planning to breastfeed.

When to Start a Baby Registry if You Don’t Know the Gender Yet

Keeping your baby’s gender a secret until the reveal on the big day of? Or simply haven’t found out yet? No problem! There are plenty of gender-neutral baby items you can add to your baby registry when you start putting it together.

We waited until the due date to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. We kept all the toys, bedding, bodysuits, and pretty much everything else, neutral. When our little girl finally arrived, we were ecstatic, it made the day that much more special!

Lynette, new mom in Arizona

Consider starting your baby registry early in your pregnancy, whether you know the baby’s gender or not. There’s still tons of essentials and gear to sort through as you decide on what’s best. Car seats, baby bottles, infant bathtubs, diapers, cribs, baby carriers, rockers—they’re all useful and can be completely independent of gender!

Should You Start a Baby Registry for Your Second Baby?

If you're pregnant again, you may be wondering whether or not you should start a baby registry for your second baby. The short answer is yes!

While baby showers are less common for second babies (and subsequent ones), there’s nothing wrong with creating a registry for the new baby on the way, as friends and family members might appreciate guidance on choosing a gift. As you put your registry together, think about including any items from your first baby that are outdated, or any essentials you don't have any more.

You could start by checking out this current list of top baby registry must-haves. There could be new products or models out that weren't available when you were pregnant with your first baby.

Strollers are becoming more lightweight, some car seats are designed to last longer and keep your baby secure from infancy all the way through early childhood, and one of the latest baby monitors is delivering on some very useful features, including wet diaper tracking and personalized insights into your little one’s development!

My husband was very hands-on with product reviews when it came to the electronics we wanted on our baby registry. The second time around, he couldn’t wait to jump back in and look at what was new out there! That’s how he came across Lumi by Pampers™ a Smart Baby Monitoring system that really checked all our boxes. It has amazing night vision, background audio, and since it is Wi-Fi enabled we have the flexibility of being able to use our phones as the monitor screen as well as check in on our baby from anywhere. We opted for the Ultimate Bundle, which includes the Sleep Sensor, and we couldn’t be happier!

Carla, mom of two from Texas


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It’s a good idea for your baby to wear the type of swimsuit or swim pants that are snug around the legs to help prevent any poop from getting into the pool. Your child who is learning to swim should also wear a life jacket or life preserver.

  • Should your baby wear a diaper while swimming?

Yes. Pampers has special diapers designed for swimming and water play. Pampers Splashers don’t swell up in water and are designed to help contain messes. Remember that just because your child is wearing swim diapers doesn’t mean you should change her diapers less frequently. In fact, you should check and change diapers more frequently away from the pool so as not to spread germs.

Planning for a new baby can be lots of fun, and your friends and family would love to be included in the process. Starting a baby registry earlier rather than later helps those closest to you share in the happiness by knowing exactly what it is you need.

No matter when you start your baby registry, remind yourself that there’s still time to get your list updated with everything you need before the baby shower. Aim for having your registry completed about four weeks before your shower, or around the time invitations are sent out. You’ve got this!

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