Your Guide to Triplet Pregnancy

Ever since that unforgettable moment when your doctor announced three sets of heartbeats, you may be feeling a little shocked and overwhelmed, and wondering what being pregnant with triplets will entail. Although you'll be growing more excited about your quickly expanding family, it's also natural to have many questions and worries about having triplets.

How Similar Are Triplet Babies?

It's most likely you will have fraternal triplets, which form when three eggs are fertilized by three different sperm. If this is the case, each of your babies will be as alike (or different) as any other groups of siblings can be. Each baby will have his or her own appearance, personality, and genes. And, because fraternal triplets aren't necessarily the same gender, your babies could even be a mix of boys and girls.

Extra Precautions When Having Triplets

Every triplet pregnancy is classified as high-risk. Take the time to find a specialist who's experienced in multiple pregnancies, and keep in mind you'll be scheduled for more prenatal visits, more tests, and more scans than you would during a regular pregnancy.

Getting plenty of rest is crucial with three little ones on the way. You may experience more severe morning sickness, exhaustion, and general discomfort. Triplet pregnancies are also associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. This can seem like a lot to take in, but your healthcare provider can help you manage these challenges.

Remember, Your Triplets May Arrive Early

Although you might have worked out your due date on our due date calculator, be aware that triplets often come early. On average, triplets are born around week 34. So, it's perfectly normal that they may need to spend a few weeks in a neonatal unit while they put on weight and learn to breathe and suck properly before you can welcome them home.

With multiple births, there's a greater chance of needing a C-section. That doesn't mean you can't have a birth plan and discuss your preferences with your team, but just know that your doctors will be monitoring your labor extra closely to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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