Throwing a Daddy Diaper Party

When we were expecting our fourth daughter, my husband said to me, “I think more men should have baby showers.”

I was so appreciative of the baby showers that were thrown for me because I loved having a chance to learn from other moms that I looked up to and get their best advice for my upcoming baby, whether it was my first-time mom fears about nursing or second-time concerns about juggling two children.

Dadchelor Party

My husband has lots of friends who are also parents and a Dad Diaper Party is the perfect excuse to get the guys together and celebrate impending fatherhood (again in our case!)

And since my husband’s friends are probably slightly less likely than my friends to spend an afternoon picking out frilly newborn outfits, a diaper party makes it easy on everyone.

Friends can pick up a pack of Pampers in any size – it’s pretty handy that diapers already come all wrapped up and ready to gift!

Plus, my husband’s biggest parenting fear was changing a poopy diaper.

Baby Shower Ideas for Dads

Here are some of my favorite ideas for a Dad Diaper Party but Pinterest has much more to browse through:

  • Pampers and Poker For the dads who would rather not play silly baby shower games, but love a good competition, poker or another card game is a perfect combination with Pampers. Up the ante by using diapers instead of chips!
  • Babies and Barbeque Who needs a cute little macaroon when you could have a burger instead? Fire up the grill and let everyone hang out together on the patio with a good meal. One table for the food, one table for the diapers.
  • Baby Bowl Game Playing football is a very bad idea for a pregnant woman, but a perfect dad shower activity. Plus, it’s a good warm-up for all those beautiful spiral throws of a used diaper into the garbage you’ll be making in the next few monthsDaddy_Diaper Party_605x403

No matter what theme you choose, it’s important to celebrate your partner and get excited about the birth of your new little one. As you can see, my guy is wrapped around all these girls fingers.

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